Special Guest On ‘Noni!’

Can we give a massive round of applause to this amazing yellow top of mine? Brought it from Zara a few years ago but forgot all about it as it had somehow found it’s way to the bottom of my wardrobe! As I rummaged through what seemed to be a like a never-ending heap of barely worn clothes looking for something to wear, I stumbled across this little beauty. I remember condemning it because a dry cleaner managed to leave a burn mark on the tip of the right sleeve. I analysed it again. ‘Hmm! I guess it doesn’t look that bad- I guess this top deserves to be worn as at later date! ‘ A quick clean, iron and some febreeze and it was good to go!


A couple of weeks later, my new favourite top happened to turn a few heads the moment I trotted onto the amazing ‘Noni’ set at ‘Yanga TV’ headquarters the other day. I was invited to appear on the captivating morning show and, as you would have it, decided to wear this top for my interview. Now I normally wear bright colours on TV as I love the way they pop against my melanin but there was something different about this colour! It just gave me a glow -or so I was told! Anyways, maybe I’m going a bit too deep (lol) but I honestly feel that yellow does do something for the soul, like a beautiful ray of sunshine! I’ll be rocking this colour more frequently from now on! Moral of the story- ‘Sometimes the very thing you condemn or are ashamed of, is the very thing that will make people notice you!’


Special thanks to the amazing host ‘Juliana Olayinka’ who graciously interviewed myself and my co-guest evangelist and author ‘Fikelephi Jackson’!We dicussed a few hard hitting topics including berevement and body image. You don’t want to miss it! Check out ‘Noni’ everyday from 9.30pm on ‘Yanga TV!’ channel 452!





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